12 Mar 2019

The marine environment can greatly affect the state of a building near the sea. Concrete is a porous, vulnerable material that can easily suffer pathologies that, over time, become of utmost importance. This material also protects the reinforcements of the building structure and, if they are exposed to humidity, salts or oils, they can corrode and lose their resistant characteristics. This is the case of the building that we rehabilitated in Playa Lisa, in Santa Pola (Alicante).

Building with significant cantilevered overhangs (balconies) too exposed to sun and moisture without adequate protection. Numerous pathologies spread over the four facades of the building that were completely sanitized, corrected and rehabilitated during our rehabilitation work. We not only eliminate pathologies, we also carry out measures to prevent them from regenerating again in the future (waterproofing, specific and water-resistant materials, special parts fitted with a drip, etc.). Undoubtedly, a great job fully directed by a qualified technician directing the work at all times and a magnificent group of masons and rehabilitation specialists.
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