10 Mar 2019

This is how this shutter of Elche looks now after the works of removing architectural barriers, lowering the elevator to ground level and aesthetic changes such as: LED lighting, wood paneling, new stainless steel railing with gloss finish, new entrance door to the building, mailboxes , etc. It is very common to find buildings in which, for technical reasons of the elevator, the shutters have stair treads just before the elevator, making it hardly accessible for people with reduced mobility or elderly people.

The "descent to ground level" consists of lowering the elevator door as far as possible until it is accessible to all audiences. Sometimes the structure of the building does not allow us to go down to street level and it is necessary to carry out an accessible ramp with a slope of less than 10%. It was not so in this building in which it was possible to establish the elevator door at the same height as the hall portal.

Nothing more and nothing less than two flights of steps were before reaching the elevator. This shutter is now much more accessible and attractive, preserving the original aesthetics on its marble side wall and betting on renovation on the other side with a wooden paneling that totally changes the view, rejuvenating the busiest common area of the building.

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