About us

Construcciones Mayalco, a decade helping our clients build their dreams.

Construcciones Mayalco is a company dedicated to carry out all kinds of services related to the construction sector, both at the level of housing construction and reforms, restoration, rehabilitation and interior design, among others.

Construcciones Mayalco is a construction company in Elche that has carried out works for more than 300 customers, both individuals and companies, in the province of Alicante since 2007. Our service covers reforms and interior design, through the rehabilitation of facades, buildings and common elements of the communities of owners, until the construction of homes for developers and individuals.

Our values


We have 10 years of experience in the world of construction, the rehabilitation of buildings and the realization of reforms.

Qualified work team

Our team consists of specialists in each of the sectors of construction, plumbers, carpenters, first-class masons, painters and interior decorators.


We offer guarantee of all our work in writing through detailed budgets with prices and agreed terms.

Custom work

The attention and personalized service we offer our customers is one of the pillars of our company. From the moment you come to us, we try to give you a quality advice that allows you to make the best decisions for the project that you want to rush

Our staff will be able to give you at all times detail about the execution status of your work.


Any modification of the work, or in the budget is duly certified in writing and with prior acceptance and knowledge of the client before its execution.

Why choose us?

If you are going to reform

  • Because we will listen to your needs and give you the best advice.
  • Because thanks to our plans and our 3D simulations you can see the results of our work before starting the work.
  • Because when we pass you the budget we will commit ourselves to carry out the work within the term that we agree.
  • Because our team will make sure that the finish of your renovation work or interior design is the best possible.
  • Because we will help you process the subsidies that correspond to your community of neighbors so that you do not pay more than what is necessary in the rehabilitation of your building.

If your community of owners needs to undertake the rehabilitation of the building

  • Because we are specialized in the rehabilitation of buildings and facades.
  • For our integral service to the communities, which covers all the phases of the project, from the preliminary study to the completion of the work.
  • Because we will make an accurate diagnosis of the problem and the work to be done that will save money for your neighborhood community.
  • Because we will help you process the subsidies that correspond to your community of neighbors so that you do not pay more than what is necessary in the rehabilitation of your building.

If you want to build any type of new construction project

  • Because the quality of our buildings is impeccable.
  • Because we can help you from the very beginning of the project.
  • Because we will save you time and money by completing paperwork and procedures so you do not worry about anything.
  • Because our construction teams and crews are made up of highly qualified personnel in their fields.

Ask us for a quote

Whatever type of work or project you have in mind, do not hesitate, contact us. We will pass a budget and the different options that we can put at your disposal.

Contact us

Take your time to take a look at our website. Here you can find information about our company, the work we have done and the services we provide. Yes you need to do a work or reform in your home, office or neighborhood community, or require some of the services we provide in Construcciones Mayalco, do not hesitate contact us.

You can call us by phone, send us an email, visit our offices in Elche, or fill out any of the forms you will find on our website.