How to take advantage of rain and dew to save water

How to take advantage of rain and dew to save water
20 Apr 2018

They say that great ideas arise when you least expect it. This is what happened one morning four years ago to Elisabet González, a young architect who was in her thirties. It was early and, when he went out on the way to the faculty, he saw the cars covered by the dew that had fallen at dawn. Then the bulb went on: why not take advantage of that water in the houses? González went to work and designed an integrated roof in the buildings that, in addition to capturing the night dew, could collect the rain and distill all this water with solar energy.

Drinking water is, in many places on the planet, an increasingly scarce good. Spain is not free from this situation either: it is not only the EU country that suffers most from desertification, accelerated in recent years by climate change. Another big problem is that not everyone has access to water in their homes. Only in Spain, & nbsp; more than 29,000 homes & nbsp; suffer from this problem and need an & nbsp; external monthly supply & nbsp; of water tanks to supply. After analyzing these needs, the Drops Roof design emerged. "This water collector plate works 24 hours a day, passively, and completely covers the water demand of the house for both domestic use and drinking", explains Elisabet González. "But the most interesting thing," he adds, "is that by being able to distill the gray and black waters of the house itself, they clean up again. And the loss of water in the system is recovered by collecting rain and dew. In this way a closed cycle is created so that & nbsp; the savings pay the initial investment in just four years "

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